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Turkish Coffee Grinders

What makes Turkish coffee “Turkish coffee” is the grind. The idea is to extract maximum flavor from coffee beans. How do you do that? By grinding the beans into a powder. Just to give you an idea about the size, single coffee bean yields 45,000 particles of Turkish coffee ground, verses espresso at 3,000 particles and filter coffee at 100 particles! More particles and the greater the extraction and thus the flavor. This is the secret to the Turkish coffee! We have an excellent selection of the best Turkish grinders available in the world. If you want to ground your own Turkish coffee you are at the right place.
Turkish ground has to be like powdered sugar or it wont taste good and will not foam.

We firmly believe that the reason Turkish coffee is not more popular at the coffee shops and restaurants is because they don't have the capability for Turkish ground. To solve this dilemma, we are proud to offer you an exceptional series of commercial Turkish grinders for roasters, coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores.

Even though almost all commercial grinders in the market have a Turkish setting, they do a horrible job. They are not even shipped from the factory with Turkish setting; it has to be calibrated for it. Unlike those, these grinders are made for Turkish coffee to begin with; not as an after thought. Hence, grinding for espresso or filter coffee is like a child's play for these machines.

We work with several Turkish coffee grinder manufacturers and we have visited their factories. We also specialize in how t export and ship these grinders and keep up with the inventory levels. In many instances they are not off the shelf and have to be manufactured after placing the order. For this reason please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Please feel free to call us to discuss any details you like to know about.

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