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In order to make your Turkish coffee foamy (which is a must to achieve the proper taste) your coffee pot must be the right size. The water level in your pot needs to be some where close to the middle of your pot (or at least about 1/2 to1 inch below the rim). This off course will depend on how many cups of coffee you are making and the size of your pot.

One solution is to get a set of Turkish coffee pots and be prepared for all occasions; or you can use the following chart as a guide:


Size Capacity Servings (*) Height Diameter
at base
at top
XX-Small 6 oz 1 2.75 in 2.75 in 2.25 in
X-Small 8 oz 1-2 3.00 in 3.00 in 2.50 in
Small 10 oz 2-3 3.25 in 3.25 in 2.75 in
Medium 12 oz 3-4 3.50 in 3.50 in 3.00 in
Large 14 oz 4-6 3.75 in 3.75 in 3.25 in
X-Large 24 oz 6-10 4.50 in 4.00 in 3.75 in

(*) 2-3 oz small demitasse cups.

Please note that not all measuring cups are accurate. We use the newly updated glass Pyrex brand which is considered to be the most accurate measuring cup by professional cooks in US. It is made in USA. In addition, cookware is measured as a standard from the brim. Here is a video by America's Test kitchen about measuring cups: