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Turks, absolute geniuses of shortcuts, have created a great shortcut in the tea brewing too: they developed a construction of two stacked kettles called çaydanlık – the bottom part is for the boiling water while the upper one is for the tea brew.

Here is how to make Turkish Tea:

1. Fill the bottom kettle with water and bring to boil at the high heat on your stove top.

2. Place tea leaves into the upper kettle and stack the upper kettle on top of the bottom one.

3. Once the water in the bottom kettle is boiled, pour half into the upper kettle to brew the tea. Reduce the heat to medium and let the tea in the upper kettle get brewed for 15-20 min over the steam coming from the bottom kettle.

4. Pour out some tea brew into a Turkish tea glass up to the waist (the narrowest point of the tea glass) and then dilute it with water.

5. Reduce the heat to low to keep your tea warm as you’ll be serving a few rounds. Once the tea drinking is over turn off the heat.

Making tea is just a half of the deal in Turkey as it is very important to know how you serve it in a proper way. The tea in Turkey can be served in a variety of ways between the two extremes – koyu (dark, strong) and açık (light, weak).

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