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Cups & Saucers

You will need some Turkish coffee cups to enjoy your experience. Why do you need Turkish coffee cups? Because they are made of thin porcelain so that your brew will stay hot. Same idea as a tea glass. Remember, Turkish coffee is drank slowly, savoring the flavors sip by sip; no rushing. So you want your coffee to stay hot as long as you can. We also have some cups with a copper holder. Idea here is that porcelain insert heats up the copper holder which intern maintains the temperature. You can also have some cups with a lid to keep your brew hot until you sit down!

In addition we have some cups that are for collectors. They are handmade like a pottery and hand painted with real gold! Many of them are exact duplicates of the Turkish coffee cups used by Ottoman Sultans. In fact, the last Sultan established a factory just for manufacturing coffee cups for the palace!

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