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Coffee is complex as wine only for about a week to ten days after its been roasted. After that it oxidizes and decays. Unfortunately there is no requirement for coffee manufacturers to post the "roast date" so most of us don't know when our coffee beans were roasted and have no idea how fresh it is. However, Turkish coffee is the only method where coffee is re-roasted during the brewing process! Hence, when you drink Turkish coffee you are in essence tasting newly roasted beans. In addition, in the Turkish method, single coffee bean is ground to 45,000 particles for maximum extraction of flavors; as opposed to 100 particles for drip coffee and 3,000 for espresso. Furthermore, as you brew Turkish coffee it builds a thick and delicious foam/crema. This is why most coffee enthusiast do not add any sugar or cream to Turkish coffee so that they can truly enjoy the way coffee tastes.

Word about Cardamom: Generally speaking, it is not used (and avoided at any cost) in the East European countries including Turkey. Starting from Syria on down and some countries in North Africa; its a must. .