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With little care, your grinder can provide you with many years of service and pleasure. Here are some guidelines that might help you:


Take off the lid on top (if it is tight, use a twisting motion and pull it out. Do not use any pliers or metal objects to pry it out. This also applies to the bottom canister). Fitting will get better with use over time.

Take out the handle for the grinder, which is folded inside the upper hopper.


Never use your grinder empty. This can damage the burrs.


You should not wash your coffee grinder. However, if you must, make sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent any rusting.

Never use steel wool or abrasive pads to clean your grinder.

You may use the commercially available cleaning materials for brass to clean the outside.


Place your coffee beans into the hopper and close the lid.

Unfold and attach the handle to the rod in the center of the grinder.

Make sure to have some coffee or spices in the hopper before you start turning the handle.

Turn the handle clockwise and hold it below your hand/wrist so that you are pushing down on it while turning the handle this will make sure that the handle does not come off (unlike the smaller grinders that are made for spices, the 5.5 inch handle on this grinder does not attach to the mill in order to have the maximum length and strength - the longer the handle; lesser the force required to turn it since it is specifically designed for roasted coffee beans which are very hard). The handle conveniently folds in half for easy storage in the upper hopper.

On your first use, it will take several turns before it starts to grind; because the burrs are empty.

Adjust the coarseness by the screw/bolt at the bottom only when it is empty. The screw on the side of the grinder is to stabilize the burs in the hopper. It should be tightened but not too tight.

Attach the bottom canister to the grinder to collect your grind.