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We strongly believe that it is time to have Turkish coffee as part of the American culture. We drink more coffee than any other country on earth. We can get drip coffee, espresso, latte even at the gas stations. They are no longer unique. However, ask anyone you know if they have heard of Turkish coffee and majority of the people will say "Yes". Ask again if they have ever had any and the majority of the will say "No".

With all of the communication technology transformation that occurred over the past 10-15 years people are more aware of Turkish coffee than ever. However, there are not too many places that serves Turkish coffee. Primary reason for this is because roasters and coffee shops in US does not have grinders that can ground Turkish coffee. Not us.

How To Start a Coffee Cart: A Guide To Starting Your Own Business On Wheels
As a coffee shop on wheels, mobile coffee carts bring caffeination to unexpected places. People often hire them for a variety of events, such as weddings or corporate parties. You’ll also find them at farmers markets, artisan fairs, and street fairs. This type of business provides a specialty product along with a unique experience, taking the place of a bar for daytime activities or at alcohol-free events.

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