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You will need to have a Turkish coffee pot, a spoon, sugar and coffee that has been ground to a fine powder. It really does not matter what kind of coffee you use, but it should be light to medium roast, because you will be roasting it again while making your brew.

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Would you like to learn How to Make Turkish Coffee? It's such a unique drink from its cooking method to the serving and drinking. You will love that smell spreading in your house when making this easy Turkish coffee recipe. We must warn you though: It is addictive!

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  • Step 1: measure your water
  • Step 2: add coffee
  • Step 3: add sugar
  • Step 4: place pot on heat
  • Step 5: allow coffee & sugar to dissolve
  • Step 6: stir
  • Step 7: allow coffee to rise
  • Step 8: pour into cups, let the coffee settle, and enjoy!
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